10 Things You Didn’t Know About Goldfish Crackers

1. They Were Invented in 1958 by a Swiss Biscuit Manufacturer

Oscar J. Kambly developed the original goldfish snack after he invented a new method of producing crispy biscuits. The idea came to him while he was shaving on his wife’s birthday. Have you ever wondered why he chose to make a fish mold for his new biscuits? It’s because his wife was a Pisces! He named his new treat “Goldfischli” or “Little Goldfish”. In 1962, the tasty goldfish crackers were introduced to the United States by then owner of Pepperidge Farm, Margaret Rudkin.

This playful Pepperidge Farm treat has been swimming around in our snack bowls for over 50 years! Here are ten things you didn’t know about everyone’s favorite fish-shaped snack.
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