How well do you know Saved by the Bell?

The actress of which character was the real life girlfriend of Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who portrayed Zack?

Which role did Elizabeth Berkley originally audition for?

At its highest popularity, which other popular show would it regularly beat in terms of the number of viewers?

The degree to which martial art can be seen hanging in Mr. Belding's office?

Who is the only actor who has appeared in all the episodes of Saved by the Bell and all of its movies and spin-offs?

Which of the following cast members were not present during the reunion sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon?

What does Slater's first name, A.C stand for?

At which establishment did all 3 of the female leads work as waitresses at some point on the show?

Which of these bond girls had a guest role on this show?

What was the series supposed to be named as before being called "Saved by the Bell"?

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