Spider-Man Puts a Smile on Kids’ Faces In the Wake of Harvey

At George R. Brown (GRB) Emergency Center, children had a superhero surprise! It’s amazing. Imagine after being affected by Hurricane Harvey, kids were still able to put a smile on their faces, as Spider-Man came to visit and gave them something to cheer them up.

Red Cross and other volunteers came to aid Houston area residents – that were around 9,000 of them – who were forced to find shelter from the devastating Hurricane Harvey just this week. Stef Manisero with Spectrum News Austin tweeted some videos of someone taking on Spider-Man’s costume. The superhero handed out some stickers to children all over the center last Tuesday, Sep. 5.

In the video, you can see Spider-Man fist-bumping with a kid and a man, who is lying down. The superhero then gave out some stickers to the kids.

The delighted little receivers were filled with happy smiles as the superhero chatted with them. They had some high-fives, and Spider-Man let them choose stickers to put on their little hands. The scene was truly priceless!

Another video posted by Stef Manisero on Twitter has shown a mother and a kid with dreadlocks and Spider-Man. The latter chose a sticker and put it on the kid’s hand. The kid waved goodbye after thanking the superhero. Aww… that cute toothless smile of his…

It is truly amazing when people think of something to cheer up the kids in times like this. It can help them go through something difficult easily. With the help of generous and thoughtful people like the person dressed in the Marvel Comics hero, it is really commendable and remarkable. It takes effort and a big heart to do it.

Hurricane Harvey brought disastrous flooding to the area of Houston, Texas. Thousands of people living in the area have had to leave their homes and seek shelter.

Thankfully, the GRB is there to take in refugees, who were cold and wet. GRB is the city’s biggest emergency shelter for Houston residents, and it made a makeshift pharmacy that disposed medicines that are over-the-counter only. A few doctors have had made it to the 5,000-capacity center.

We hope that Houston can regain their footing once again after this drastic event. Our warm thoughts and prayers for you.

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