All Five Living Ex-Presidents of The U.S. Are Helping Hurricane Victims

The latest disaster that has hit citizens of 
the U.S. is well known to everyone these days. Hurricane Harvey has brought by 
far the most destruction that was seen in years, and thousands of homes were 
destroyed. The damage is tremendous, and it is estimated that the price of 
rebuilding will be around $180 billion.

If there is anything good that came out of 
this situation, that is our ability to care and help one another in the time of 
this great trouble. Nobody has demonstrated this as well as the former presidents 
of the U.S., who have rallied together to try and help the victims of this 

Ex-presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, 
George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all came together to promote 
a new fund that is designed to help those in need. The charitable fund is 
called “One America Appeal”, and it was announced on Thursday night, 
during the National Football League’s opening.

The former presidents asked of everyone who is 
willing and able to donate to this fund, which will later be added to the 
Michael Dell’s Rebuild Texas Fund, as well as to Houston Harvey Relief Fund. 
Every donation will count, and every bit of it will be used only for helping 
those in need, which is something that the presidents guaranteed.

The account for this charity fund was created 
via George H. W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation, and this is the perfect 
opportunity for the citizens of the U.S. to demonstrate their compassion and 
love. The contributions have already started arriving, and one of the biggest 
of them was made by J.J. Watt, a Houston Texans star, who managed to raise up 
to $27 million in only a couple of days.

It is everyone’s hope that his example will 
inspire others to do the same, and show that people will be there for each 
other when it counts.

And that is not all – there is also a plan for 
expanding the One America Appeal, and to help out those who suffered loss and 
damage from the terrifying Hurricane Irma. The damage from this catastrophe is 
also enormous, and every little bit will help those whose lives were destroyed 
in these events.

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