30 Powerful Cancer-fighting Foods

Cancer is a diagnosis no one wants to hear. The sheer breadth and weight of such health news are frightening and life-altering, and the toll the disease takes on family and friends is enormous. The treatments for cancer that are currently recommended (such as chemotherapy and radiation), while sometimes effective, are daunting to the bank account and to other aspects of the patient’s health.

An ever-increasing number of studies are finding that whole, natural, unprocessed foods are the best for our overall health, including preventing and fighting diseases like cancer.

These foods can also have profound effects on the development and can potentially aid with the ridding of cancer entirely, helping our bodies fight off the invading cells and become cancer-free once again. These foods can potentially help you become healthier and maintain a more balanced overall health, whether you’re fairly fit, needing to get in shape, or battling a sickness. Rest assured, these cancer-fighting foods can easily be added to snacks and meals or substituted for less healthy foods.

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