Game of Thrones’ Season 7, Episode 7 Review: ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’

Daenerys Arrives at King's Landing

The Unsullied have made it out of Casterly Rock, and are now deployed just outside King’s Landing, their magnitude evident for the Lannisters to see. They are soon joined by the Dothraki army, revealing to both Bronn and Jaime just how overpowered they are. In many ways, however, it is simply a show of power. Jon and Tyrion arrive first, with Davos, Missandei and Jorah. Cersei has arranged for the meeting to be held at the Dragonpit, that ancient dome where dragons were once held to keep the citizens safe. It is definitely a strategic move on Cersei’s part, reminding Daenerys that her family perished here, and that for all their power, dragons could be contained.


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