20 Ways Game of Thrones is Inspired by Real History

1. Jaime Lannister & Götz of the Iron Hand

First on our history of Westeros list is Franconian, Gottfried Von Berlchingen. He was a 16th century knight who fought for the Holy Roman Empire under Maximilian I, before forming his own mercenary company in the early 16th century. During battle, a cannon blast served his arm. Not one to let a little thing like amputation keep him out of the fight, Gottfried’s arm was replaced with an metal prosthetic, earning him the nickname Götz of the Iron Hand. Apparently, his shiny new limb was just as capable of supporting a quill as a shield (he was also a respected poet).

Sound familiar? A certain Jaime Lannister appears to take clear inspiration from Götz, in the prosthetics department at least. Way back in Season 3 of Game Of Thrones, Jaime’s attempts at sweet talking some particularly tough captors resulted in a similar fate. Unfortunately, for Jaime, one of the most renowned warriors in Westeros, it was his sword hand that was severed. Götz, made do with a fairly modest iron arm. However, Lannisters love themselves some bling, so obviously Jaime ends up with the flashiest prosthetic in all of Westeros. The golden hand’s most memorable moment to date was surely when Jaime was able to catch the sword of a Dornish soldier during his attempted rescue of Marcella. Since then he has been the subject of every hand-based pun imaginable.


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