15 Reasons Jon Snow Deserves the Iron Throne

Nothing Was Ever Given to Him

With everyone believing that Jon Snow is Eddard Stark’s bastard, he did not have it easy growing up. The Starks may be the lords of Winterfell, but Jon was somewhat made to feel like an outcast in the family. He may have had a good relationship with the Stark children, but Catelyn never did truly accept him as one of their own. Thus, while the people around him were born into nobility, he had to prove his worth at every turn. This is also quite sad considering that he does have royal blood running through his veins. Not only was his mother Lyanna Stark, but his father was Prince Rhaeger Targaryen. Therefore, were it not for the circumstances of which he came into the world; he would probably have got to live a somewhat noble life with his mother, despite being the bastard son of Rhaeger.

Moreover, his earlier years may have been easier as if Catelyn didn’t have so much animosity toward him. Nevertheless, taking the black and deciding to join the Night’s Watch was  his destiny as this position is what propelled him to where he is today.


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