25 Best Anime of All Time

Terror in Resonance


Terror in Resonance became extremely popular due to its gripping plot, clever mystery, and fascinating character. The animation and art design are gorgeous, the soundtrack unique, and with only 11 episodes, it is a quick enough that you can finish it in one sitting. The story follows two teenage boys known as Nine and Twelve as they start a cat-and-mouse game with the Japanese police, issuing challenges laced with terror threats. Why are they doing this? Who are they? Will the police catch them? Those are the questions that make this a great choice for even non-anime fans.

Black Butler: Book of Circus


If the first two series of the Black Butler franchise had better captured the essence of the original manga than perhaps Black Butler: Book of Circus would have ranked much higher on our list. The first season adapted only parts of the manga while the second season was completely original. However, the manga continued to go strong even years after its second season ended. What’s more, the first season started to deviate from the manga just before the fan favorite Circus Arc, regarded by many to be one of the manga’s best storylines.  Black Butler: Book of Circus is simultaneously a partial sequel and a reboot, picking up from the middle of the first season and following the manga with an almost panel-by-panel loyalty. Despite its confusing setup, it was still a great success, making it the #19 on our list.



If you’re after something heavily based on traditional Japanese culture then Mushishi is perfect for you. A mixture of slice-of-life, historical, and supernatural, this anime is beloved by critics and fans alike. The story follows Ginko, a Mushishi who studies Mushi – creatures with supernatural powers – in hopes of better understanding them. Very episodic and atmospheric, this is an adaptation of an award-winning manga that has captured the hearts of many.

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