25 Best Anime of All Time

Your Lie in April


Based on an award-winning manga, Your Lie in April is known as the anime that will have you crying by the time you finish it. Romance, drama, music, and overcoming grief are the elements at the heart of this series. Kousei Arima is struggling to play the piano after the death of his mother, finding solace in the company of his two friends. Things change when he meets Kaori Miyazono, an incredibly talented violinist. Free-spirited and full of energy, Kaori motivates Kousei to return to the world of music. Heartbreaking and beautifully animated, Your Lie in April is bound to leave an impression in the heart of all of those who watch it.



Erased is a psychological and supernatural mystery that was so popular among anime fans that Netflix decided to make a live-action drama out of it. The story follows Satoru Fujinuma, a man with the ability to travel back in time moments before a tragic incident. After his mother dies, Satoru is thrown back 18 years into the past, giving him the opportunity to not only uncover the mystery behind the kidnapping and murder of a classmate but to also stop it from happening.  Short, well-paced, and full of intrigue, Erased has earned its place in our memories.



Based on a Japanese award nominated novel, Another is seen by many as a great example of horror. The story details the events faced by the 3-3 class of Yomiyama Middle School after transfer student Kouchi Sakakibara dismisses everyone’s warnings and befriends Mei Misaki. Through a series of gruesome incidents, Kouchi and his classmates are faced with a life-threatening mystery that is connected to a student who died 26 years prior. Only 12 episodes long, Another is terrifying and intriguing, holding its viewers hostage until the very last moment.

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