25 Best Anime of All Time

There are thousands of anime out there. Thousands and thousands, and every year that list only grows larger. With so many different titles and genres, you could spend a lifetime searching for new ones to watch while barely scratching the surface.


So where do you even start? Well, this list could be a good place! While it’s impossible to make a completely objective and unbiased countdown, the anime series featured on this list have all left an impact in one or another. Some you might be sick of hearing about while others you might never have heard of. Some will be part of genres you love, others of genres you hate. To create this list, we focused on standout titles from numerous different categories that have mass appeal, covering both the well-known and the obscure.


For this reason, don’t be upset if your personal favorite series didn’t make it onto to this list. As stated before, there are numerous of brilliant anime out there, and there will be much more to come. Instead, try seeing this as more of a recommendation for new anime to watch.


With that being said, can you guess which anime snatched the #1 spot? Let’s start our countdown! Here are the 25 Best Anime of All Time!

Future Diary


There are many reasons why Future Diary made it into our list. Though its premise is very fascinating – twelve people are forced into a survival game where the winner will become God, and they chase each other by using diaries that predict the future – its characters are what makes this anime so memorable. Yuno Gasai steals the show. Thanks to her psychotic love for the protagonist, becoming an iconic figure in anime culture. To leave such a mark on a worldwide audience is no easy feat, making Future Diary a must-watch for anime viewers everywhere.

Cardcaptor Sakura


Cardcaptor Sakura – Cardcaptors to most English speakers – is a magical girl anime that achieved worldwide success in the 90s, becoming one of the most beloved series of all time. This anime managed to breach genre and age barriers by becoming a favorite for many outside its target audience. Charming and entertaining Cardcaptor Sakura takes what could be a very formulaic plotline into something clever and refreshing. Thanks to its good pacing, interesting premise, and complex characters, this anime has won numerous awards and is remembered very fondly by many.

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