These 21 Famous People Worked At McDonald’s

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You won’t believe that these famous people had actually worked at McDonald’s!

Here we have compiled a list to entertain you and help place a smile on your face while your hard at work or just chilling out.

Just because they were asking, “Do you want fries with that?” doesn’t mean they weren’t going to make it big. From Sharon Stone to Jay Leno and Lin-Manuel Miranda, these celebrities put in a lot of overtime flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Hey, you know what, we all start from somewhere.  So the next time you drop by a fast food chain you never know that the cashier or cook maybe the next celebrity star.

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Can you imagine this pretty lady (Shania Twain) saying to you “welcome to Mcdonald’s, how can I help you?”. She mentioned that she started at the front, then graduated to drive-thru, and then she got promoted to becoming a trainer.

It is quite possible that the store she worked in had a bump in revenue while she worked there!

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